Our Services

Facade Refurbishment &

Remedial Building Rectification

Amalgamated Group can undertake all remedial and refurbishment projects.

From internal and external, minor remedial building works to a total facade refurbishment, Amalgamated Group can also replace or refurbish Balustrades, keeping in mind that this will also add value to your property.





Much More…

Our Remedial Building Services include:

  • Concrete Spalling
  • Rectification
  • Rendered Blockwork Stitching
  • Hydrostatic Blister Rectification
  • Rust Spot/Tie Wire Rectification
  • Calcium Deposit Treatments
  • Paint Delamination Rectification
  • Balcony Tile Mastic Rectification
  • Balcony Tile Xylene Treatment
  • Construction Joint Rectification
  • Podium Level Water Ingress rectification
  • Epoxy resin Injections
  • Safety Audit Compliance Services
  • External Cladding Compliance Services
  • Planter Box Remedial and Waterproofing Service


Anti Graffiti Coatings can be applied to most substrates which enables you to wash off any graffiti that has hit your building.

  • Low VOC water borne or 2 pack Epoxy finishes
  • Resistant to salts, acid and chemicals
  • Coatings are available in matt, low sheen or gloss finish
  • Available in a clear finish or can be tinted to a range of colours


Concrete cancer can affect any building in which steel reinforced concrete is used. Early treatment of spalling concrete will reduce the extent of the damage and be less expensive to repair.

  • Reduced hire of scaffolding
  • Safety to workers and the public
  • Reduces the amount of inconvenience often associated with repaints
  • Speeds up repaint time

Concrete Rectficiation includes:

  • Floor slabs
  • Stairs
  • Balconies and Soffits
  • Broadwall
  • Columns and Beams

Repairing Concrete Cancer involves:

  • Floor slabs
  • Stairs
  • Balconies and Soffits
  • Broadwall
  • Columns and Beams


Protecting Steelwork

Amalgamated Group is experienced in preparing and coating all types of steel surfaces. Our commitment to excellence is your guarantee of high quality workmanship and efficient, cost-effective service.


High pressure water cleaning is generally used in paint preparation but also forms part of a Paint Manufacturers Warranty.

Buildings, especially those in a Coastal area attract salts and air pollutions. Washing your building every 3 years will also extend the life of your paint coating.


There are many types of water-proofing products on the market today from fluid applied, troweled on cementicious coatings to a combination of layered fluid applied over fabrics. These products can be applied to walls, floors, concrete and other cementicious surfaces.

Roof access system installation

and compliance certification

Amalgamated Group’s qualified rope access team have additional accreditations to install and certify roof access safety systems. Anything from re-certifying anchors to supply and installation of complete anchor systems and access ladder / handrail systems.